Who I am and why I do what I do

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I lost my daughter, Alison, in Oct of 2016 from a drug overdose while she was in IOP treatment and living at a sober-living home in South Florida, both run by Kenneth “Kenny” Chatman.  Immediately following Alison’s death, I was determined to find out how something like this could have happened to my child, but I had no idea where to start.  I booked a one-way flight to Florida and met some local moms that I met on Facebook who connected me with some local resources (I now know them as “advocates” but didn’t know that term at the time).  

Within days, I teamed with the FBI, the PBC Sober Home Taskforce, and other parents who had lost their children while under Chatman’s care, and I went public with my story.  In March of 2016, Chatman was sentenced to 27-1/2 years in prison for a multi-million-dollar healthcare fraud, money-laundering, and sex-trafficking scheme.  This was an important step in cleaning up the industry; however, I knew that it was not enough.  


I continued working with law enforcement to put other unethical treatment center and sober home owners and operators behind bars as well.
South Florida law enforcement has made great strides in cleaning up the industry to ensure those seeking treatment receive the care they deserve.  However, overdose deaths are still on the rise, and people still don’t have the resources and information they need to make educated decisions about treatment and aftercare for their loved ones.

My mission is 1) to help others understand addiction (and the stigma) and its effects on families and communities, 2) to be a trusted advisor by providing resources and support to those seeking help, and 3) to encourage people to be kind to one another, always.
I am many things to many people, but underneath it all, I am just a mom who cares.


This is a mom who you can look up to, but don't worry, this mom would never look down on you.
She is your friend through and through...what's your name again, it doesn't matter, she will fight for you and with you til the end.
She sees you for who you really are and doesn't define you by what you do or have done.
Be ready she loves, and she loves hard.
Real-est women, Mom, and friend out there!

Sarah Rubio



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